Wellness Intensive Retreat

wellness INTENSIVE retreat:

Tell me. Show me. Involve Me – in taking control of my health… in 1 weekend!

If you are feeling STUCK in your current health or are CONCERNED about it’s decline, and are ready to take control, you are in the right place! Here is the TRUTH about health & wellness:

  • 70% of Americans are on at least one prescription drug
  • more than 50% take two or more
  • antidepressant use alone in the United States increased nearly 400% percent overthe last two decades

That means that there is an 80% chance that you, yes you, (or someone you love) are relying on medication daily for survival. You are what I call stuck in the SWAMP of dependance.We are very familiar with the SWAMP. Do you know how we know this? We have worked with families, from all walks of life, for THIRTY FIVE YEARS. They were all suffering because of three things:

  • #1 They were afraid to step out of their medical comfort zone and try an alternative approach…
  • #2 They hid behind the EXCUSE that they couldn’t afford alternative options…
  • #3 They didn’t believe something as simple as FOOD could be the answerSound familiar to you? So the first thing they had to do was to decide to try another way, and take the LEAP!

    Are you ready to LEAP?


Free Coaching Session

If you are wondering if this Retreat is right for you, we
would love to offer you a free coaching session.

If you haven’t decided to LEAP, you aren’t ready for this Retreat. This program is only for people who are READY to explode their health! Kinda sounds like a cheesy sales line, we know, but we are serious. If you want to keep:

  • taking your meds
  • feeling tired, overwhelmed and depressed or even angry
  • and continue being controlled by unhealthy habits or beliefs

. . . then this program really won’t help you. If you ARE ready to get your health out of the basement, however, read on!

“After years of struggling with diabetes, excess weight, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, leg pain and breathing problems, I had given up hope of ever feeling good again. In fact, on many occasions I would say, I am throwing in the towel, I have no desire to be in this pain and I want to just end it. My daughter pushed me to seek alternative medical help because all the doctors I went to see just kept adding more and more medicine to my regime and one pill would react to another and my health continued to deteriorate along with my will to go on.

“My youngest was getting help with a few of her problems and suggested that I give Dr. James a try. I was not sold on the idea at first but after several conversations and seeing how much better my youngest felt, I decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did, DR. James is my HERO; after a year of his herbs and guidance, my high cholesterol, blood pressure, breathing and leg pain are gone or under control. With the WOW diet plan I have lost 23 pounds and know that I will continue to lose with his help and encouragement.<

“Thank you Dr. James, I have my life back; nearly 71 and I feel better than I did at 50. Forever grateful!”

– Edith

The next step for you (after you decide you are tired of lame-o excuses like “I can’t overcome this health issue” or “It runs in the family” etc.) is to get some health training. We offer some seriously rock star training programs for $15,000. For a lot of health conscious people, that is a big GULP.

We get that not everyone has $15,000 to drop on their health, so we have created an affordable option. A weekend retreat that comes with content and training that you would get from a high-end personal coaching program.

We have listened to many-a-training that is, well, pretty fluffy. A lot of trainers are super motivational, and exciting, make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, and you leave wanting to take over the world, but you still don’t have a clue what the next step is for you.


Fortunately for you, we are passionate about educating, motivating & nurturing; providing a content-heavy experience that can lead you through all kinds of health challenges, and that you can immediately implement in your life.

Students tell us they’re grateful for the follow-up coaching. There is a little bit of “Rah-Rah, you can do it!” thrown in for good measure by guest trainers, but by and large this will be content-intense, hands-on education & how-to.

“I love the atmosphere of your seminar! Having the family as the “crew”! The love and laughter that was shared was amazing! You are all so very supportive! Thank you so much for all that you have done and I pray that God continues to bless your family richly and is with you in your presence throughout future seminars!”
– Scott

So… what is included in the Wellness Retreat you ask?

Day 1: Set your goals to LEAP into health

  • Day 1 is all about determining where you are right
    now in your health, and what you would like that
    health to look like. We also spend time getting to know each other so the space is safe and comfortable to learn in a group.
  • What is your BIG Goal? What do you really want your life to look like? You will be lead through a process to determine exactly what you would like your life/health to look like, and then what you need to
    do step-by-step to get there. This dayalone will be worth the cost of the entire program!
  • Personal Development training: You can’t regain your health if you are sabotaging yourself along the way. Success takes skills on two planes: physical health and mental balance. We bring in the BEST personal development trainers to help and support you in your journey.

Day 2: Food, Glorious Food!

  • Day 2 is food at its finest. This is the most important part of a healthy lifestyle, and often neglected. Time to stop ignoring the cause of your health issues (although that can be fun!) and start living the life of wellness you are meant to have!
  • We go through the process of building healthy eating habits. You will learn about the hidden ingredients in foods and food products that are keeping you addicted and sick, and the simple things you can do to avoid them. This takes all the guess-work out of eating, and fills in the holes that most diets have.
  • You will learn some great tricks to make any food taste amazing, prepare on the go meals, cook ahead, shop wisely, overcome cravings, and save on your grocery bill. There is so much you don’t know about food! Be prepared to be the food EXPERT after this intense day!

Day 3: Build your Wellness System

  • Day 3 is all about SYSTEMS. How do you build your health so you can run as efficiently as possible? How do you stop spinning your wheels, end the overwhelm and chaos, and run a smooth, fulfilled life?
  • Organize your entire wellness plan using the Professional Health Instructors System. Determine what is actually slowing you down, and hindering your wellbeing. You will design your personalized wellness System in areas such as: food, sleep, exercise, play, etc.
  • Build a complete system to work IN your family AND work ON your health. After this training, you will walk into your home and you will know exactly what you need to do that day, that week, and that month to reach your goals. You will have focus, and a system in place that takes the guesswork out of how to reach your goals. It’s pretty amazing stuff!

By the end of the Retreat, you will have a clearly defined system and plan, so you can execute on what you learn!

This is what makes this retreat unlike any other–it’s all about IMPLEMENTING what you are learning . . . immediately!

What an awesome weekend, huh!?

So, here is your last chance. If you are ready to take on your health in a BIG way,

this is our last invitation to you to purchase now. We are excited to spend the weekend with you! Yours Truly, Doctor and Veronica James


1. What is the menu like?

Tasty! Our cooking instructors provide healthy, delicious options from vegetarian to carnivore.

2. Do I have to cook at the retreat?

No. Our cooking instructors teach you how to create all sorts of delicious foods, including soups, salads, and entrées. You can participate hands-on in the preparation, or watch and learn as they do all the work. During each session you’ll learn a different cooking technique. Cooking classes also include tips for planning menus, shopping for healthy foods, and substituting ingredients in your favorite recipes when you get home!

3. What if I can’t cook at all?

The cooking classes are very extensive, but not complicated. You will easily become comfortable with how to use our techniques and you will receive one-on-one help.

4. How can I afford this if I have no money coming in?

The only way to take control of your health is by doing something different than you are doing now. The only way to know what you need to do differently is by getting training. If you want to improve your health, you will need to invest in education. There is no wayaround it. Get creative. People come up with all kinds of creative ways to afford things they REALLY need.

5. What are sleeping arrangements like?

You may be in a shared bedroom with another person of the same gender, unless you bring a spouse. Get ready to channel your inner dorm girl.

6. How do I attend a retreat if I have small children at home?

You get to be creative. Ask your family to watch your children if your husband is not available. Three days away will not kill your children, I promise.

7. I would like to attend, but the next retreat date doesn’t work for me. How do I know retreat dates?

Retreat dates are on a TBA (to be announced) basis. We are often booked months in advance, so please click here to make your request

8. Is this conference a sell-a-thon?

No. We don’t like multiple pitches by a bunch of different people any more than you do. We will not be discussing our higher end health support programs at all, outside of an optional meeting during lunch. If you are interested in getting more coaching with us, you can attend that meeting.

9. Can my husband come?

Yes. Couples that come together have a much higher success rate for implementing what they learn at the Retreat than someone who comes alone. Your spouse can attend at 50% off.