May 16, 2024


Welcome to this episode of ‘The Reality of Herbal Therapy podcast’. This episode is entirely devoted to one of the most critical and oft-overlooked system of our body, the urinary system. Explore insightful discussion about the intricacies of our urinary system, the challenges it often faces, and how everyday habits like water intake critically affect its functioning. We also highlight how closely our reproductive and urinary systems are connected and how problems in one can trigger complications in the other.

The episode delves deep into a variety of medicinal herbs and natural remedies that help nourish and take care of our urinary health. We shed light on the many benefits of herbs like cleavers, juniper, marshmallow root, and uva ursi and how they can help nourish the kidneys and the bladder. We also bring up kidney stones, one of the most common and excruciating urinary system issues, discussing its causes and providing natural remedy suggestions.

Further in the episode, we explain how popular herbs and combinations like Bladney and Fection can help in rectifying different urinary issues while also shedding light on the need for essential vitamins and minerals for our urinary system’s optimal health. We also touch upon the significant connections between different body problems like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and urinary health issues, further emphasizing the holistic aspect of our health.

End the episode by learning the importance of cleansing the urinary system via Detoxlation and Hediondilla along with understanding how Bladney can help regulate blood pressure in a lot of cases. This episode serves as an informative guide for those prioritizing their urinary health and striving for a healthier, disease-free life.


Formulas in the episode:

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