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For almost 45 years we have been helping families take care of their health needs naturally. Our family has put together a 40 page guide to help you take care of your family.

Michael E James

graduated from the Dominion Herbal College in Canada with a C.H. and an M.H., and received a NMD from the American Naturopathy Medical Institute.  Dr. James has worked as an alternative health care practitioner since that time. 

All of Dr. James herbal formulas are a miracle!

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Herbal Formulas

Dr James never wanted to manufacture herbal formulas, but he found he had to to give his clients the results he wanted. These formulas are the results of over 35 years of clinical work.


We have been recording podcast episodes for the last 10 years. Our podcast has featured guests talking about many topics, like herbs, systems of the body, and home remedies. 

Digital Courses

COMING SOON. We have several courses on using herbs, herbal formulas, home remedies and healthy living.

Praise and Testimonials

Fection is the Best product ever!

Fection is my go to for anything that ails me. If I feel a cold or allergy coming on, I take one Fection and it quickly does the trick. As a precaution, I use it before getting on a plane. Also, I send it to my grown children and their families and they give it to their friends in need. 


Started helping the very first day! Did not expect that. This is a wonderful product. And it is a great price. Thank you!


I'm not usually this vocal about something, but this stuff heals injuries faster than anything I've ever seen!! I had some a few years ago and used on scars from my gallbladder surgery and it worked great....I had loaned the rest to a friend and never got it back. The other day I burned myself with my curling iron and it wasn't healing at all and Read more about I'm not usually this vocal about

was cracking and bleeding and I went and got some more of this and in less than 24 hours it is almost completely healed....it's amazing!!


Hay Asz Extra Strength has been a tremendous help with allergies this year. Lots of rain meant lots of flowers in our garden - wonderful, but worsened allergies! Even one capsule of this Hay Asz makes a real difference for me.


Our most recent trainings.

About Professional Herbal Instruction

Dr Michael James started Professional Herbal Instruction in 1980. He wanted to be a country doctor that made house visits. After a visit he would give his patient a list of herbs and how to use them and send the patient to the health food store to get what they needed. He found really quickly that he needed to supply his patients with the herbs so that he know they were fresh and of the highest quality. As he made his visits he found that he could combine the herbs in to a single formula for certain issues. After 35 years of clinical work Dr James developed a line of 40 herbal formulas that met his high standards of quality and freshness. We continue in his legacy in providing you with the highest quality and freshest herbal formulas following the same standards that Dr James expected for his patients.

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